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tv   [untitled]    January 21, 2012 12:01am-12:31am EST

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it is not a gavel you're watching r t with me. the arab league is reportedly leaning towards prolonging its monitoring mission in syria amid widespread accusations that it's failed to curb violence at least seven people have reportedly been killed in the latest flare ups while opposition protesters turned out of force on friday to demand the release of prisoners held since the start of the unrest r.t. sara first reports from damascus. the head of the monitoring team expected to arrive at the arab league head coaches in cairo today tomorrow of course is when the arab league ministers are going to be meeting to present their findings of what's been happening in syria and to discuss what their next move will be now the arab league mission were here in the country to oversee the implementation of the
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arab peace plan by the syrian government now among other things that included the releasing political prisoners and the withdrawal of the government troops and tanks from some of the towns and cities how successful the sad league mission has been is to play simple we actually followed the arab league mission in the final few days here in the country now there are questions raised as to the neutrality and the credibility of the mission certainly seeing the way that they operated it couldn't a question really just how independent the they were able to operate in the country all of the sites this report from people were speaking to he said the arab league monitors didn't really seem to be taking in account of everything that was being said and they obviously couldn't have heard from every single person here who wanted to speak to the scene another question that's raised about this mission is whether more of these monitors were needed so what is going to be interesting moving food is whether or not this mission is now extended because again very
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divisive as a response to what the people want that the hospital not some people think this really is essential to this mission continues and in fact just possibly that top i was speaking to one of the former advisors to the government and indeed the previous government here in syria what he said to me was possibly there are other figures how he could come in as part maybe of the mission who are more highly qualified you have mo background in resolution conflict resolution and dialogue we can listen to his opinion on the situation. the situation nobody can hope it's real . but the result of. taking place now we are weakening syria if you are syrian and you like syria or that you are your stories to where you are into your position you have to put in your mind that you have to work with the other side working with the other side. of the
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so if anything unethical ation all the conflict here in the country will start it off as a peaceful protest if it become increasingly divided in some area if you haven't and insurgency in areas where now the government no longer have control again you've got all these different factions no one really knows anymore who have the voice of the people and as we've heard from a number of people we've been speaking to that radio is in the area of major concern. and ours is our first helping is stay right up to date where the latest developments in syria via her twitter stream while there we find her first hand reports from across the country and also more news and analysis on r.t. general twitter blog.
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the ongoing tit for tat conflict between iran and the west has now officially reached the airwaves after britain revoke the license of press t.v. runs english language news channel efficient reasons given by the u.k.'s top media watchdog include a number of broken agreements and an unpaid fine of first t.v. says it's being silenced in a clear example of censorship alleges it's been. target ever since it negatively covered the costs associated with the british royal wedding as well as last year's london riots. and leading analysts believe this is only the next logical step in isolating the islamic republic. if this had been separated from geopolitics this would not have happened and some other kind of sanction would have
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been would have been made and a deal would have been struck so i think the press t.v. has been viewed through geo political terms and that is the breakdown of relations between britain and iran at the end of the day i think that most of the criticisms of press t.v. are been due to its coverage because you know it sees the middle east very differently for example than the mainstream media in britain this repeatedly comes up pro israeli groups repeatedly complain about it we know very well that the british government at the very highest level was discussing with the american ambassador here how to limit press t.v.'s output in britain so now what we've got is we've got a real limiting of dialogue in the me in the british media and i think that's a tragedy and certainly a tragedy at a time when british relations are at their lowest ebb for a long long period. and stay with iran a little later in the program the making of a supervillain. do you agree with president obama's initiatives to monitor iran's
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nuclear program from the moon. there am threatened sounds into the realm of fantasy as ordinary people bombarded with media spin lose touch in a world of drones cyber warfare and security. and taping the elements and the next winter olympics host city that's already become a haven for thrill seekers. for many is gripped by the worst protest seen there in over a decade for the second week running people have been making a stand against their government crying out over a low wages rising corruption and authoritarian tendencies hundreds of arrests and dozens of injuries were reported during clashes with police are just listened to what people are demanding. things to n.s.t. in the streets as book arrest. protesters have been peaceful for the
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past few days but now the demonstrations turn violent. fighting as broken out between police and protesters just behind me you can see the protesters bringing up fences and now bit expected to clash with the police line here they've started to throw bottles and other things at the police line and they're going to try and push east fancies into the police line now. this is a voluntary one hope that they could avoid today but it seems that it has broken out after all there's a fence being thrown. the earlier in the day thousands that poured into the remaining in capital to demand the resignation of the remaining president try and assess could this opposition politicians address the crowd will that change has come from all over the country means that this right has begun and it must not stop until we reach what we want
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but we need. some people are upset because they've lost their job service because their pension was cut and others because they're being humiliated every day there's one thing that unites us all that we all want to leave my only you know. but later on the mood became more militant than i was then by all the factions all the posts of schoolchildren the country have to walk five kilometers through the snow to school the youth nowadays what choice do we have to go out and start to steal to start marking people for a person so we go to italy spain and germany to start to steal what for we want jobs. back of the day what. we can see if you look over the line now in this moment that is being. just in stages the police are trying to move forward include a square with a meeting with
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a lot of resistance from the protesters here. as the crowd was broken up it revealed those affected but to get this. done. the struggle of those seized the day and night protesters have been demanding big political change remain here. because this is anything to go by the route to reform that long and hard for want to vote. and coming up in the program here in the ways paradox. is this as you can see is still perfectly edible and there's no sense that it should be wasted there in a way. i third of the population in poverty had a record number of people on food stamps yet nearly half of america's good food goes the way they need those who live off the beds.
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u.s. lawmakers have announced that's controversial antipiracy legislature has been temporarily shelved this fall is what some see as the largest ever hacker attacks on america's top governmental and entertainment industries websites and mass internet blackout of protest over the potential new laws to stop online piracy act and protect ip act were designed to curb illegal downloading and protect copyright but critics say they would leave censorship of the internet trevor its name from the electronic frontier foundation says americans are seeing the news as a real victory in a battle for online freedom. we saw over one hundred fifteen thousand sites somehow alter their web pages are somewhat alter what their web pages a lot of black them. completely meaning that users couldn't even gets them including with the p.t.o. which is the sixth largest us this huge huge measured message to congress you know most of the american public hadn't even heard about these bills before the blackout
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day and once these sites blacked out everybody started calling their congress men and e-mailing them we had sent out over one hundred e-mails on sorry a million e-mails just in that one day google got seven million signatures on their petition and so by the end of the day we had a huge swing in congress so it was a major victory for you know my neck there's a minute. america's expanding waistline proves the country's love affair was food but almost as much as it's consumed is being dumped in the trash every day and that's despite statistics saying millions in the country are now struggling to put anything on the dinner plate right now i am at the so-called dumpster divers to say a few minutes of breaking through garbage bags can deliver a banquet. the number of people on food stamps has reached an all time high and more and more people are going hungry for one in three americans live in or near
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poverty and suffering hunger in this land of plenty. in this land of plenty roughly two point seven million tons of food is reportedly raised and grown each year the same country that loves so much to consume calories. also loves to waste that. this isn't liquid g.-o. and although is a dumpster diver instead of paying for food he wrote much as through garbage bags on the streets of new york city. here's another truth were tons of edible food is thrown out each night i've never found that's not the size of the pizza here this is a bigger reason reason bagel the twenty seven year old musician makes his way from the bakery to the deli there's hot food here which probably comes from a hot food bar relying on supermarket trash for his essential vitamins even without opening the bag i can see the orange. and some of the
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greens what we and those crowding around g.o.c. is that in a country where more than forty million people struggle daily to get enough food millions of meals are literally being wasted as this as you can see is still perfectly edible and there's no sense to be wasted and thrown away. otherwise it would end up. on top of the landfill somewhere and as to me the thirty to fifty percent of u.s. food produced for consumption ends up at landfills each year that comes at an annual cost of one billion dollars simultaneously food prices continue to rise leaving millions more on line at soup kitchens and ultimately searching through trash. getting a big show in the documentary di follows filmmaker jeremy seifert and his friends in the back alleys and rubbish piles of los angeles as thousands of dollars worth
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of edible food is salvaged it's a result of our excess we are a wealthy country and we have excess and so waste is really necessarily a byproduct of excess and it's a bad habit of sort of the spoiled rich kid as it were amid america's expanding climate of food waste critics say the country's overall carelessness causes ripple effects around the world it is a global market now and our over consumption directly impacts the hungry and the poor in other countries us taking more than we need and wasting it affects the prices of food affects the availability of food so yeah i guess that was why they make a fellow there was a sense of outrage at the injustice of food waste something of a paradox society defined both by wasteful consumption and an ongoing struggle to
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make ends meet writing because my expenses are first thing that goes food so the question is. why pay for that which you can get for free. r.t. new york. well if you've missed something on air or don't hesitate to catch up on our website r.t. dot com all the stories we're covering are always available there for you including the wonders of engineering from u.s. spy drone manufacturers all the early years invention a huge looking but it's causing outrage among americans as the trademark of washington's overseas operations becomes a major tool for police at home plus. we have a man who will always find a use for every piece of scrap he could turn a high power transformer from the sixty's into sound so you d.j. booth or produce a fully functioning body on the odds and ends found and the rock. last
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ditch dad dried off talks between athens and its international creditors appears to be nearing conclusion that's according to greek officials athens as imploring private investors to forgive it one hundred billion euros worth of loans as well as go through with a debt swap to go together with parallel bailout talks with the e.u. and i'm after are seen as greece's last chance to avoid financial collapse talks have been ongoing for three days now and drag on past midnight into today but had word harrison power analytics firm credit write downs believes the eurozone is shooting itself in the food with its approach to the debt crisis. so you have the eurozone and then you have the wider it's not just about the eurozone in terms of
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their imbalances that are built up everywhere because ultimately. the eurozone to the policy called. there they have a field policy in terms of how they're addressing the crisis they need to go. this is about public sector debt when in fact it's about private sector debt and so that's really caused the same tactics to be applied in terms of austerity budget cuts etc and you know in as a result there's been lots of unemployment and the whole thing is going to pieces and they're thinking it's all about the budget but it's not. while top economists and politicians and gage and more talks to find a remedy to the ongoing debt crisis max and stacey are back to draw parallels between the recent shipwreck in italy and how financial chiefs have the death contagion that's in the last edition of the kaiser report that's coming your way in about fifteen minutes time here's
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a preview. ben bernanke you ben in charge of rescuing the cruise ship his solution would have been to take a boat out of the ship with a crowbar and make the hole in the boat and all the problems bigger that's the central bank solution to the global economic crisis is to make the whole bigger with artificially low interest rates this is what's making the situation even worse and of course in europe we find out they're going to expand the european central banks credit lines by a trillion euro that's the exact opposite of what is required to bring some of this accountability that you're talking about the maritime law stepped in people are drowning. their obviously dying so maritime law came in and said ok we have to impose the law now in the global economy people are dying from the derivatives that are being created that are making the top one tenth of one tenth percent of fabulously rich and everyone else is choking on their own fiscal vomit and the regulators are making that easier for the criminals.
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athletes from around the world already have their sides firmly set in the next winter olympics in sochi in two years' time and the host city which has always been a lure for scores of thrill seekers is making safety a main priority today artie's dennis blonsky reports on the brave man who are fighting the danger lurking behind picture perfect mountain peaks. so chiefs avalanche hunters have explosives and cannons on their side. their mission to keep the mountain peaks clear and c. . and this is the air support. the hydrogen proved cool daisy valve is deployed from a helicopter to blow up snow banks and hard to reach areas. it's been snowing
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heavily in sochi this weekend skip earth full of magnificent but what may seem is just snow to most of us can provide prize last day total local avalon chanters learned is the team's lead aspart he uses computers and weather stations to monitor the snowfall but being a local who's been living in the caucasus mountains for over forty years the man says there is more to his job than that. though is a living being it has its own life you just have to learn how to understand it and this in turn is only possible if you spend your life with it. at times however the snow can turn nasty if there's more than twenty centimeters chances are high it's going to slide for real proves the clues are easy to discover if you know if the kelowna we build a thirty thirty centimeter call of a tall one and we hit it with a shovel exactly ten times very slightly as the calling falls apart at some point that means the snow is too soft and it will collapse. the avalanche team surveys
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every new can cranny of the resort they say russians love to push the boundaries and many skiers like riding off the beaten track but safety is first that draws a holder and besides giving warnings to free riders all areas have to be avalanche the morning survey is over so now it's time for snow angels to descend to their headquarters and pass on the good news. calling dispatch over. they're not. given permission to let the tourists started to cable cars. in february and march this resort will host international ski competitions bringing new challenges for the avalanche team head of the two thousand and fourteen winter games when the venue faces its ultimate test learning to team the white beast will be more important than ever doing as our.
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house take a look at some other stories from around the world somali government forces and african union troops have launched an offensive against islamic rebel hideouts on the outskirts of the country's capital for somali soldiers and a government official were killed in heavy fighting against al qaeda linked militants it's the biggest offensive on the islamicist stronghold in several months . a series of coordinated gun and bomb attacks have killed at least seven people in northern nigeria the radical islamic sect misplay and responsibility for deaths that targeted different locations including police stations and the regional police headquarters the group has been behind a recent campaign of violence in the country's mostly muslim north. the company which owns the wrecked costa concordia cruise ship is facing a lawsuit in the u.s. italy's consumer association wants at least one hundred sixty thousand dollars for
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each passenger on a vessel many blame the captain of the ship for the tragedy which killed eleven people and injured hundreds more when the liner hit rocks last week. now there's a widespread consensus that certain governments and groups go out of their way to make iran seem a bigger threat than it could ever be but as the practice continues public opinion on the country and ways to deal with it are becoming all but surrounded by fantasy art is new york resident laurie harshness went out onto the streets of the big apple to see just how far the truth can be stretched. in the case of iran's nuclear capabilities people are quick to make judgments based on what they hear in the media but are they actually listening to what's being said this week let's talk about that do you agree with president obama's initiative to monitor iran's nuclear program from the moen. yes why i think it's important to
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know what's going on i do yeah why well just because of the threat to the world what it is is the threat specifically. our safety passout. we cannot tell what's his initiative but to monitor iran's nuclear program from them based on the most yeah yeah i think that's crazy it's just crazy to monitor it from the moon or what they're doing whatever you believe do you agree with his program the moon. i think you're putting me on you don't believe that from the moon . maybe from a satellite but i think you're putting me on would you be surprised to know that a lot of people just say blindly that they agree with the program from the moon oh that wouldn't surprise me at all that people not humans are claiming well for things i like to jump off cliffs doesn't the media have a responsibility to guide the lemmings down a better path no lemmings should have their mind of their own and they should be
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educated i mean people are watching t.v. radio internet so it's if you know even if you're looking for some going of disease you know you find so many interpretations so which one is the right on this is difficult this is again people say i saw it on the internet so i believe it's absolutely true so it's very hard to find the right source most people just don't have the time don't have the inclination calm people that they get into if you ever tried to have a meaningful discussion with someone about politics. and i try every day at the pretty pretty bad to be honest so you never going to know where they were even if they did put something up there you wouldn't know anyways so it's a shaky and we don't know if it has a year's overstress. yet but do you think common sense takes over a little bit oh ok we don't know because that's the space but our moon you'd think we would know. tonight they're going to look up there to see vegas bought anything on my digital camera so it seems like some people are listening to what's being
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said and i thinking for themselves let's just hope they can catch the much more subtle inaccuracy as they're bombarded with by the media every day. for the reasons they hear and r.t. i'll be back shortly with out days of our top story status.
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download the official anti happily cation your i phone the i pod touch from the top story. which all teachers life on the go. video on demand on tease my fuel costs and all recessed feeds now with the palm of your. question. on the altie dot com you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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me it is easy to. believe. it's. the.
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russia. which brightened if you are about song from funniest impressions. moves from star totty dot com. oh. welcome back here with their t.v. years over the top stories where the blood still flowing in a body count growing the arab league reportedly wants to carry on monitoring in syria despite being slammed for being totally ineffective. silenced and thrown out there runs english language press t.v. news program gets kicked off british airways for falling foul of broadcasting laws something the channels a clear act of censorship.


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